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Join Cambria County Auxiliary Communications Service


Thank you for your interest in joining the Cambria ACS. We need dependable persons who will answer the call when the county has a need for communications over and above their current capacity. This brief document will help walk you through the first steps of membership and the requirements. All of the information and tools needed are on this website. Just add some time and motivation and you are on your way. We want you to be involved immediately! So follow along the membership steps the way we have them, it is all about getting you involved and moving.

1. You need to complete the “Region 13 ID application” and arrange to have a photo taken. You must have the photo taken by me for the ID, because the “backdrop” must be a certain color to make it an official photo. This ID is the key to involvement in ACS activities.
2. Within one year of being a member, you must complete IS 100 and IS 700 and have the certificates of completion in your possession. This site has the student study guides for both courses. You can also take them online or at a live instructor led training. It matters only that you complete the courses and have the documentation.
3. I ask that you keep a log of activities you participate in. This includes Cambria Radio Club meetings, ARES activities and trainings and ACS functions. Nets, foxhunts, roundtable discussions, meetings and all things related count as activities. Get involved.
4. Buddy up with another member. It is always best to have company. In an actual situation, we all have to work together, so why not do so now. Get used to it and join up with someone.
5. You do not have to be an amateur radio operator to be an ACS member. Although radio knowledge and the ham license is helpful, ACS needs all sorts of people when the stuff hits the fan. Some positions and talents needed include scribes to record and log things, runners who handle documentation and distribution, observers, and all sorts of support functions. Bring a friend, spouse, or other person along with you to ACS. We want to build camaraderie.
6. Be willing to learn new things and skills as well as share your own skills.
Welcome to ACS!
Dave Hunter
Cambria County Auxiliary Communications Officer.