146.940- PL123
146.775- PL123
Ham Radio Operators Serving Cambria County, PA. 146.460 Simplex & 146.775-  

Cambria Radio Club

              WE offer FREE VE Test Sessions

The installation of the new 146.940 antenna 8/3/2013
Many more pictures on our Facebook Page
  WA3WGN 940 Install Photographs posted
Photographs By Jack Brew KC3BGR

Cambria Radio Club .940 and .775 Repeater Nodes powered by:

Revised April, 8th 2014


See you all April 18th.

We hope to see you all on:

April 18th  FREE VE Testing and Meeting Theme of the HSMM-MESH project Phase II.   Testing at 5pm   Meeting at 7pm Bring your routers and laptops.  This could be BIG!!!!  This will all take place at UPJ Johnstown.  Click here for the campus map...    MAP   Registration at 4:30pm Testing starts at 5:00pm Meeting at 7:00pm   Engineering and Science Building, Room 127 University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown, 450 Schoolhouse Road, Johnstown, PA

Cambria Radio Club and BSA Troop 2100 Announcing Radio Merit Badge in a Day...  Off the Grid 2014.  Please visit our CRC Special Events page for full detail and registration form.  We saw nearly 300 scouts during the 2012 event but must limit this year's event to 77 to 100.  Register as soon as you can to get your spot.    Thank you to Herb KB3REA, Scott N3XCC, Kevin WJ8G, the Horseshoe Amateur Radio Club and our other great partners or sponsors who make this event possible.

Cambria Radio Club 2014 Meeting and FREE VE Testing Dates

January, 10th

February 21st  FREE VE Testing

March 14th  March Meeting has been postponed See you all April 18th

April 18th        "LOCATION CHANGE"   MEETING AND TESTING..   The Next FREE VE Test Session April 18th at 5pm @ UPJ Johnstown hosted by William Weiserman - K3ZYK. The next Broadband Hamnet session Phase II, will be held Druting the Cambria Radio Club Meeting at UPJ Johnstown starting at 7 PM.   Click here for the campus map...    MAP   Registration at 4:30pm Testing starts at 5:00pm Meeting at 7:00pm   Engineering and Science Building, Room 127 University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown, 450 Schoolhouse Road, Johnstown, PA

May 9th           FREE VE Testing

June 13th

July 11th

August 8th       FREE VE Testing

September 12th

October 10th

November 14th    FREE VE Testing

December 19th    Christmas Social

We may also do testing at Field Day on June 28th

Please use the sign up form on the CambriaRadio.com VE Testing Page to reserve your spot at our next Cambria Radio Club FREE VE Testing Session.

Welcome to the newest hams to pass their FREE VE TEST on February 21, 2014

Thank you also to the members for the Horseshoe Amateur Radio Club W3QZF, Indianan Amateur Radio Club W3BDM, and the IEEE UPJ Mountain Cat Amateur Radio Club W3SNN who were in attendance at the February 21st CRC Meeting.

Stott N3XCC and his VE team:

M. Scott Zimmerman - N3XCC VE Team Leader and CRC VP Technology
Dave Hunter - N3YFO
Blanche Bender - KA3VXR
Dick Bender - W3SYY
Tom Cooney Jr - W3SF (First Timer)
Elisha Zimmerman - KB9WCX (First Timer)
W. Larry Freeman - N3LT (First Timer)
William Weiserman - K3ZYK
Tom Brew - K3WS

produced 5 new Technicians, and 1 new 0-to-Extra class amateur operators just before the 7pm meeting.

New Call signs published on FCC 02/24/2014 updated 12:12pm by K3WS

KC3CDV Clark, James R NEW FLORENCE PA Technician
KC3CDU Clark, Timothy A NEW FLORENCE PA Technician
KC3CDT Nagle Jr, Gary L DUNCANSVILLE PA Technician
AB3TV Sandford, Benjamin E WINDBER PA Extra
KC3CDS Sedlmeyer, Thomas S JOHNSTOWN PA Technician
KC3CDW Stoykovich, Eron T JOHNSTOWN PA Technician

To all VE Team members ( THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE )

"April 18th CRC meeting LOCATION CHANGE"   MEETING AND TESTING..   The Next FREE VE Test Session April 18th at 6pm @ UPJ Johnstown hosted by William Weiserman - K3ZYK. The next Broadband Hamnet session Phase II, will be held Druting the Cambria Radio Club Meeting at UPJ Johnstown starting at 7 PM.  More detail and directions to the facility will be posted...


First EVER in Cambria County Ham In a Day Class was a great success.  Visit CRC Facebook Page for pictures, comments, and new or upgraded call signs.  Thank you Scott N3XCC the CRC FREE VE Session Team Leader.  Call signs posted on our VE Test Session Page as well.

As Seen on our Events and Photographs Page: The New Cambria Radio Club WA3WGN 146.940 Repeater Antenna was installed August 3, 2013. 

Link to the photographs of the event as posted on Facebook.


https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.444281582346292.1073741830.162603990514054&type=1&l=b0787b4748   As seen at the Cambria Radio Club Facebook page.



Welcome to our newest member's

Raymond KC3BGN  Jack KC3BGR, Phil K3PJ, Art Kensey now WA3ART

The Johnstown, PA Tribune Democrat wrote a nice article on our 2013 field day event.

June 20, 2013
Radio club to reach global audience

Sean Sauro ssauro@tribdem.com

JOHNSTOWN — Johnstown area amateur radio operators are to broadcast around the world Saturday and Sunday, but they won’t be transmitting popular tunes.

The Cambria Radio Club plans to participate in the annual Field Day, when licensed amateur radio operators gather to test their equipment, emergency coordinator and member Mike Sakmar said.

The two-day test will be held at the New Germany Grove Hall along New Germany Road in Summerhill.

“We set up our equipment Friday night, and we start broadcasting on Saturday at 2 p.m.,” Sakmar said. “We have food and soft drinks, and we set up and camp overnight.”

The event has been celebrated annually since 1934, when the American Radio Relay League conducted its first Field Day, league spokesman Sean Kutzko said.

“It gave stations that wanted to operate in the field a chance to test their equipment,” he said, adding that operators from all American states, territories and Canadian provinces participate.

Amateur radio operators, also known as hams – a name originally used as a derogatory term – work to keep the public informed in emergency situations, Sakmar said.

“If the communication in the general public would fail, we as amateurs would step in,” Sakmar said. “Say we get information about a tornado warning ... I get the ball rolling. We relay information to the National Weather Service. They depend on us saying, ‘Well, this is what we see.’ ”

The same process could be used for other types of disasters and civil defense issues, he said.

Sakmar said he and other amateurs relay information through repeater stations, where it is then sent out for mass consumption.

“We go through local repeaters which are relay stations usually located on a mountain top. They transmit at about 100 watts over a large area,” he said.

“There is a repeater located in Industrial Park. From there, you can talk to people in Florida, England and sometimes Australia.”

While Sakmar said he normally goes by the name Mike, many may know him as N3SSD, his call sign when he is transmitting.

A specific call sign is given

to each licensed radio operator and acts as a way for them to

be identified while broadcasting.

“That call sign is unique to me,” Sakmar said. “No one else in the world has that.”

Sakmar said he has participated in Field Day off and on since 1994, but this is the second year his club is partnering with the Horseshoe Amateur Radio Club, based in Altoona, to host the event.

Participation is not limited to members of the two clubs, he said.

“This is a multi-event. If you’re a member of any club and you’re a licensed radio operator, you can come participate, and it’s open to the general public,” Sakmar said. “They can come see what we do as amateurs, too.”

Licensed operators who can’t make it to Summerhill can still participate, he said: “They can still operate and participate in Field Day from their own homes or their cars.”

Transmission is scheduled to begin at 2 p.m. Saturday and continue until 5 p.m. Sunday.

Kutzko said the event, while important, is supposed to be fun, and added that he predicts many amateur operators around the country will participate.

“It is an extremely fun and informative activity, and it is also a service to the community,” Kutzko said.

“We have more ham radio licenses than any time before – over 700,000. That’s the highest number ever.”

Here is a link to last years news. This publication covered multiple clubs around the area!!!! Lets make even bigger fireworks this year!!!

Link to the 2012 field day event report: http://cambriaradio.com/uploads/MultiClubFieldDay2012report.pdf Here you will see what we did in 2012 and who attended.

A special thank you to the new members and renewing members who are continuing to support Cambria Radio Club with their donations.  Especially in this tough economy when we are all forced to cut back.  The two most recent members to renew are ED Dimond NK3A and Paul Needham KB3YXS.  Tank you for your support.  All renewing members are recognized on the the members page with the year of their most recent donation.  It is with strong support from the members and corporate sponsors we continue to have fun and grow in this hobby.  Bless you all.  See you at Field Day 2013?   73 from Cambria Radio Club.
PayPal Donations can be made directly to: wa3wgn@gmail.com 

CRC Now on


Chuck Englody N3LAD - President
Tom Brew K3WS Vice-President & Club Repeater Trustee, WPA ARES ASEC UHF/VHF Communications.
Scott Zimmerman N3XCC CRC VE Team Lead & Technical Vice-President - Repeater Builder 
Mike Sakmar N3SSD Cambria Co. ARES EC & Vice-President Emergency Communications
John Geiser AB3OV Web Master Vice-President of Public Relations & ARES AEC


Regular meeting Location:  Mount Calvary Lutheran Church 1000 Scalp Ave. Johnstown, PA 15904.  REAR ENTRANCE...



PayPal Donations can be made directly to: wa3wgn@gmail.com 


Logo By W3BC

196 Barron Avenue
Johnstown, PA 15906
Phone: 724 343-1005
(Google voice number)

Regular Club Meeting Address:
Mount Calvary Lutheran Church
1000 Scalp Avenue
Johnstown, PA 15904

WA3WGN 146.940- PL 123
WA3WGN is AllStar Link Able Node 27245
  WA3WGN146.775 Ebensburg, PA
145.390 WA3WGN Johnstown, PA
147.550 Simplex All Modes

Thank you RNDT for your support
2012 - 2013
This note added 12/31/2012 Thank you Fred & Jimma, Tom K3WS

Would you enjoy a hobby that will last a lifetime? A hobby that will expand your horizons and challenge your intellect, one that will help you build lasting friendships at home and even around the world? Are you looking for ways to become involved in worthwhile community service?


Amateur Radio is a challenging and rewarding high-tech hobby offering services to the community, life-long opportunities for learning, and the excitement of communication with other Amateur Radio operators around the world. Amateur Radio operators today can explore many different communications modes, including all the more familiar methods of voice, VoIP with computer, and Morse communications as well as more exotic techniques involving Amateur Radio television, earth-satellite, and moon bounce communications.

Cambria Radio Club is a general interest radio club with membership centered in Cambria County, the Club’s members also come from many other areas in and around Cambria, Blair, Indiana, Somerset, and Westmoreland counties. Unlicensed individuals are invited to join as associate members.

Club meetings will be held as listed on this web site.  Anyone with an interest in Amateur Radio is welcome to attend. We would like to work some form of radio communication at every meeting.  Ham toys welcome!

The Club’s community service activities include communications for local bike races and marathons along with some of our members having roles in ARES, (http://www.wpaares.org ) RACES / ACS and PEMA.

The WA3WGN Repeater serves Allegheny, Armstrong, Bedford, Butler, Blair, Cambria, Clarion, Clearfield, Indiana, Jefferson, Somerset, and Westmoreland counties. With 
Allstar Node 27245 the connection possibilities are almost unlimited.

For more information about the Cambria Radio Club, or about Amateur Radio in general, contact us via email at wa3wgn@gmail.com, or by USPS at 196 Barron Avenue Johnstown, PA 15906.

Please also visit
http://www.wanrepeater.net to see some very interesting technology connecting radio operators around the world. We have several repeaters in our area using the WAN-RS system.

73 and Thank you for visiting our web site.

Click Here for the Cambria Radio Club Membership Application and Full Membership Detail.

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